Teaching Arduino, 3D printing and LEGO mindstorms to children and teachers.

Workshops for teachers

Workshops for elementary schools

Half-year part time course on didactics
spring 2017


Since high school, I’ve been giving workshops on 3D printing and Arduino for Teachers (of high school) and building 3D printers together with students. I’m also giving workshops for high-schools and elementary-schools and was a tutor for two courses (creative apps and creative programming) at Eindhoven University of Technology.

I have a genuine passion to make people enthusiast about these subjects and show them that we can change the world by shaping it.

MINDSTORMS workshops
Making failing fun.

I developed and used course material for a 6 weeks course on LEGO Mindstorms, where every week there was a new creative challenge and did several one-day workshops.

Workshop Arduino and 3D printing for teachers
Inspire current teachers to be makers

I've been teaching 3D printing and Arduino to high-school IT teachers for 5 years, during education conferences.

Building 3d printers together with students
Making the future

I've been building several 3d printers together with high-school students.