I'm Geert Roumen, and here I showcase my design projects.
Current Job

Creative Technologist, Accenture Industry X Industrial Design (formerly van Berlo)


Interaction Design, Umeå Institute of design


Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology





I’m an interaction designer with a hands-on attitude by making early prototypes and doing research in a playful, yet serious way.

I want to catch, create and communicate optimistic scenarios by listening, seeing and understanding people. To shape these into real-world products that can change people’s lives. Design is never finished and for this reason, I believe in the power of hacking, remixing and sharing both for the designer and the user. Design shouldn’t constrain people but give them the freedom the interact, change, and share. Especially when technology is becoming more advanced the user should feel and be in control instead of feeling that the world is controlling them. Most of the technology now is made for an individual experience due to ownership, I would like to challenge that and focus more on a holistic experience.

Enjoy reading my portfolio, and hope to see you soon.

My thesis project can be found at the UID website.

My experiments and smaller projects are collected here.