Designing and building a hyper-efficient modular car.

Extra curricular Project
TU/ecomotive (2015-2016)
1 year project

Design Team
Geert Jaspers
With support from Niels van Roij

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Multi-disciplinary teamwork, Form-based design process

TU/ecomotive Nova

Together with a multi-disciplinary team of students we designed and built a hyper efficient electrical modular car. Because this car is modular it can be optimized for every situation; it is easier to repair and replace parts. In this way it can be efficient for every situation, create less waste and creates freedom for the user. Together with an automotive student I went through the design process with help from Niels van Roij (a professional car designer).

...“The team has pushed far and hard to continuously improve the vehicle on all levels. They are highly motivated, their aims and goals ambitious but realistic, and their viewpoint very much needed in today’s world.“ - Niels van Roij

Modular concept

With this car, we want to show to the industry that is possible to make a hyper-efficient, electrical car which is modular so it will create less waste and is easier to adjust to the user’s needs.

Creating persona

Based on the persona and the modular concept we started making sketches.

Sketching, rendering, making

During this phase we sent the milling files over to a company, the body parts were coated.

Competing in the shell eco marathon

Finally, our car was licensed for the road and competed in the shell eco marathon.